Innovation and Experience



Vantage Owners Corp are commercial and industrial property experts. With over 20 years in the marketplace, the Vantage team have long standing partnerships with industry experts so you can be sure that all contractors on your site, are accredited and known to the vantage team.

Innovation and Experience

Our wealth of strata management knowledge accumulated over 20 years drives future change. We know the most efficient and effective paths through the complexities of owners corporation management, and utilise market leading software and technology to further streamline the journey. From insurance to levies, maintenance to regulatory compliance, you will always benefit from our efficient processes, sound advice, and industry leadership.

Tailored and Personalised

It’s not just your property that’s unique. So are you. Which is why we place huge importance on getting to know your needs and expectations. We don’t just strive to serve you—we work to understand you. This combination of property care and customer empathy forges strong partnerships, peace of mind, and outstanding results.

Personalised service
Expert advice
Outstanding results

Take the complexities out of strata management with Vantage,
professionals who care for your property, and your needs, as much as you do.